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Brookable: The Origin Story

It seems like everyone has a blog nowadays. I mean, there are blogs about food, drinks, fashion, leadership, gaming, cosmetics, politics, entertainment, sports, traveling, Jeff Goldblum... Seriously, there are a lot of blogs about Jeff Goldblum but I’m not complaining. Jeff Goldblum is a hollywood legend!

If you have a question, a hobby, an idea, or anything at all, most likely there is a blog dedicated to it. In fact, a few years ago I created a blog about traveling and coffee. In theory, I thought it would turn out to be fantastic since I love traveling and introducing new places to others. However, once I moved to Tennessee to finish my degree, I didn’t travel as much as I used to in order to maintain the page. Ultimately, I chose to discontinue the blog because of all the homework that had to get done and the lack of valuable information to share. 

Fast forward to 2018 and I am a college graduate. WooHoo! I’m finally done! That’s one less thing on my plate. So, I move back home and I get a part time job, and suddenly I have more time than I used to. Yet, I didn’t quite feel ready to create another blog again. I wanted this blog to be well planned out. I wanted something worthwhile. Something that is worth reading instead of some random group of articles published every five months...

One of the issues that I had with a super specific blog about traveling and coffee is that I wanted to write about other subjects such as life experiences, college information, pep talks, interviews, and so much more. You can’t really fit that within a blog about traveling. I mean, you could but it wouldn’t really work well within the theme. That is why I needed extra time to brainstorm what my future blog would be about. 

In the course of a year, May 2018 – Feb. 2019, I began learning how to create graphics for my job and to use social media to market the values of the organization. Before this job, I had no formal training on graphic design and the only classes that I took that would have anything to do with marketing, per se, were Intro to PR and Mass Media Law & Ethics. I did have social media profiles of my own, but they were not open to the public so I didn’t have the “experience” of using social media as a marketing and promotional tool. As time went on, I discovered Canva and Crello which really helped me create some cool graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Those two sites are absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend anyone to use these online programs to create graphics for any occasion. 

Okay, back to the story. I began to learn more about designing graphics and this really helped me when I started the blog. As you know, any blog needs a good brand and logo. Something memorable where someone would easily be able to recognize who it is. This brand would have to be creative enough to attract interest in the blog so that when someone would see it, they would be intrigued and want to check it out. But first there had to be a name to connect with the visuals. They both work together, and this is where the origin story begins. 

It’s a nice sunny day and I’m at my grandparent’s house. I come across a page about blogs on Instagram and a question suddenly hits me, “what’s stopping me from starting a blog?” I mean, not having a topic, a name, or a direction was definitely causing an issue. What I was really waiting for, however, was the perfect time to launch a blog, which that could have taken all eternity. So, I decided to look up a name generator and think of different topics that could tie into the theme of the blog. I knew I wanted to talk about my travels and coffee experiences, and I wanted the ability to share other ideas as well. I began typing in keyword after keyword and some of the craziest names popped up. For example, “The B Word”, “Confessions of a Traveling Freak”, “Write is Always Twenty-Twenty", “Pigs Write Fly”, “Blog a Dead Horse”, and this was only the beginning.

As you can see, I had absolutely nothing to work with. Like, what the heck would I be blogging about under the pen name “Blog a Dead Horse”? I guess I would be blogging about dead horses??? Completely morbid and Godfather-eqsue. Honestly, this was the hardest part about creating a blog, but I eventually found something among the sea of terribly awful blog names. Finally, I found the perfect name on the same site as the others. Can you believe that? I discovered what you all now know as Brookable! Could it pass the test, though?

Unused by anyone else? Yes. 

Catchy? Check.

Relatable? Hopefully.

Able to be used for a variety of topics? Definitely. 

Thankfully, it passed all the checkpoints and I was a happy camper for sure. Now onto the next phase... Figuring out what the heck the theme was going to be. 

As I was working on building this blog and figuring out what to focus on, my mind went back to the time when my roommate told me that I could not be stereotyped. In other words, I like so many different things ranging from all kinds of music to sports, history, tech, etc. One day I could be listening to classical music while reading a Jane Austen book and another day I could be jamming out to heavy metal while playing Skyrim. Likewise, I could be cheering on my favorite baseball team while also watching a thrilling documentary on Ancient Egypt, which is one of my favorite historical topics of all time! 

In the same way, I've always liked branching out and meeting new people. In fact, while I was in college, I had multiple groups of people that I frequently hung out with. I hung out with the media team which I worked with. We ran chapels, basketball games, and other special events. Many of these people were in my particular major as well, so this helped create a bond between us since we shared a common interest in audio, video, and entertainment. I also had friends who played on the baseball team, which I ate meals with often. We shared a love for sports, especially baseball, and we would discuss how different teams were doing throughout the semester. Likewise, I had friends in the teaching program, theology program, health program, and so on. Come to think of it, I believe I knew someone in almost every major of study at my university.

The point I’m trying to make is that I loved being able to spend time with people who shared a variety of interests, but what I loved even more was being able to experience connections with people who had new ideas, different ways of looking at life, and diverse interests. Why? Because I was able to expand my own point of view. One of the best experiences during my time in college was being able to bring people together who might not have met before. Ultimately, I wasn’t exclusively responsible for everyone meeting each other, but often we would sit and eat at the same table, and friends from one community would meet friends from another community. What I witnessed were people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and views coming together and building friendships that would continue to last throughout college.

Boom! And there came the idea for the blog! What if I decided to stay away from a specific theme centered around one hobby or passion, and instead, created a place where people could connect from all over the world through a common interest while learning something new along the way? This would give me the opportunity to write about all sorts of topics without worrying about deviating from the goal of the blog. Thus, the creation of Brookable Blog!

Naturally, the logo and other graphics followed afterwards, and everything else kind of fell into place after many hours designing, setting up analytics, arranging web pages, and my favorite part, establishing my own domain name! Indeed, although creating a blog might seem insignificant since there are so many available on the world wide web, this has become a dream come true for me. A check mark on the bucket list, if you’d like. 

And this is the origin story of how Brookable came to be and what it is all about. Brookable is about inspiring a connection between people from all over the world. It’s about identifying with similar interests and passions while also discovering something new! Brookable is the dinning table where anyone can pull up a chair and join the community.

As always, I am grateful that you have decided to join me and follow along! Whether you were here from the very beginning or this is the first post you have read, I welcome you to the community!